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Roy Elite

RoyElite Online Courses | Beginner to Advance | +91 98884 82222
What. RoyElite Offers

Guitar — Online & Private Guitar Lessons

The Guitar and Bass Department at RoyElite will widen your range of styles while also helping you focus on your goals as a guitarist. RoyElite offers one of the best guitar classes in the Telugu States and around the world. We are happy to announce that we are offering the best guitar classes Online. RoyElite school of Music institute teaches guitar lessons for kids and adults.

Drums — Online and Private Drums Lessons

RoyElite school of music offers drum lessons for kids and adults. Our drum classes provide our students a fun way to learn to play the drums, but also teach them essential skills like sight-reading, drum techniques, playback tracks, rhythm, and more. While drums appeals mostly to kids because it is loud and fun, we also offer lessons for adults.


Do you have a song in your heart that you want to share with others? What does it take to become a playback singer? Is it the voice? Or the expression? Or the skill with Sur and Laya? Or creativity? It is all this and much more. This course will help the student decode what it takes to be a good playback singer. This is a course that will be personalized for each student.


RoyElite Keyboard course is aimed at creating a versatile performer. This course will familiarise you with a wide range of technique exercises aimed at developing a strong command over the instrument, essential harmonic and rhythmic concepts, sight-reading skills, and the art of solo as well as a band performance. Successful completion of the course will also enable you to perform genres like jazz, blues, rock, R&B, soul, and funk confidently


We offer enjoyable lessons that will motivate you even if you’ve never learned any music theory Our piano lessons are enriched with notes, exercises, backing tracks & tips from the greatest teachers to give you a well-rounded learning experience. Take advantage of our Masterclasses & workshops to improve your playing in various musical styles. Each lesson is divided into many short sequences that are easy to assimilate.


Our Violin lessons, classes, programs & courses will help you bring out your hidden musical talents. You will receive Violin lessons that will help develop your violin learning skills. At RoyElite School of Music, our trained violin teachers will help you to learn violin playing the right way. Our programs include music lessons for kids/children and for beginners to Advance level. This also includes music lessons for teenagers/youth and music lessons for adults.


Tabla course is about Percussion in Indian Classical Music. Tabla lessons are taught in personal class or online via Skype or Zoom or Google meet by professional Tabla players with decades of experience. You’ll receive personalized training from our Tablateachers. The course will be personalized based on your goals and level of knowledge. This course will teach you the fundamentals of the traditional Indian drum, Tabla.


The online basic classes for Octapad will begin with teaching students right from scratch knowing the features and basics of the instrument Octapad. The students will also learn to customize the sounds with the onboard controls at their own pace. The trainers hold the experience of years and have an excellent record of training beginners with Octapad. Age doesn’t matter, just a willingness to learn how to play an instrument is enough to make you the best rhymist.


Let your Soul Speak in its language! A Flute is a reedless wind instrument that produces the sound from the flow of air across its opening. Want to impress your friends or family through playing songs and melodies with the flute, then join us, one of the best flute learning schools. Learning to play the flute is incredibly rewarding, but getting started is a challenge. This course is for anyone who doesn’t even have to know music.

Music Production

Our online music production course will develop your creative abilities and skills as a music producer. Subjects include music production, mixing and mastering, sound design and composition, remixing and advanced music production techniques, and artist development. Every online module includes interactive, real-time mentoring from expert lecturers, Point Blank offers a range of exclusive features to our Online Students to ensure you get the most out of studying with us.


Cajon calls it a clap box. Cajon is an efficient, calm, and versatile instrument that originated in Peru. Also, it is portable, accessible, and doesn’t take up much space. In this course, you will learn to play the Cajon in a fun and dynamic way. Learning to play this unique hand drum. Improve your confidence and expression on the Cajon! The fundamentals of Cajon include the correct technique and hand stroke position, posture, different sounds, etc.

We bring World Music to YOU, in an easy & approachable manner, any time 24 x 7 x 365, any where in the GLOBE!

What is Music? It is an art, that encompasses emotions, expression, and manifestation of life itself. It is an expression of oneself and how one wants to impart oneself, thoughts and feelings to the world. It means a lot of different things to everybody and plays an integral part in most people’s lives. To some, it is just an organized pattern of sound but to most, it is more. It is a way of living where they can feel free and escape in their own world. It is a way to express emotions and one’s individuality. To know more about it visit our blog.

Online lessons offer great flexibility & make it easy to learn or practice an instrument. They offer greater access to knowledge at a cheaper cost, but more importantly they remove the limits of time and place you can choose the teacher you want & learn wherever and whenever you want!

With the stress of everyday life, it can be hard to make time to learn an instrument! No more time wasted in transport or waiting for your turn, no more wasted time you can get the online course in your gadgets with RoyElite School of Music.

Contact us and we will surely help you. We conduct our Music lessons at our Music learning center. We have plans to expand and come closer to YOU. Our music lessons are held after school hours (afternoons & evenings) on weekdays including on Saturdays. We do not conduct our music lessons on Sundays which is our weekly holiday.

Learning music at RoyElite School of Music is great fun. Here, learning music enables you to learn the foundations of music in the proper way. Thus learning music with us enables you to perform confidently in front of people. You can perform at home, at parties, at public gatherings, events and concerts.

Music Course Assessments through Globally recognized Examinations

Graded Music Exams are indeed great for improving a full range of skills and techniques. Moreover, they are great for learning new styles of music and also nurturing your musical skills. Grade Exams and Performance Certificates are available from Entry Level (Debut) up to Grade 8. It is necessary for a student to possess an instrument of their own, in order to practice at home. Regular practice at home is important after each learning session at RoyElite School of Music It is important because the student needs to get ready for the next learning session.

Here at RoyElite School of Music we assess all our students through periodic Internal Exam. This is an integral part of our Music Course and Programs. Furthermore, we also prepare our students for International Exams. World renowned & globally accredited organizations conduct these exams at our Music Learning Centers. These are Trinity College London, U.K., Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (A.B.R.S.M.), U.K., RockSchool, U.K., London College of Music, U.K.

The early you start, the more its better. A research carried on multiple childrens, finds that learning music at early age helps child in better development of brain & overall growth, which eventully establishes a fruitful & happy life ahead

The impact of music varies with gender. From our experience and research, the response and connectivity of music is more in female learners as compared to male learners, in same amount of time. We offer special customised courses, be it individual or group, to strenthen the bond between one nature to other.

Its never too late to learn & enjoy music. With our calm, friendly & patient faculty, we make sure to make learning music easier for you at any age. Customized one to one focused lessons as per your learning and pace. Don’t wait more to fulfil your hidden desire.

Online group lessons are engaging, interactive, and sized to offer both group instruction as well as some individual focus. We use a customized Zoom or Skype or Google meet platform that’s simple to use. This is a secure video conferencing tool. You will receive a link via email for your Online Group Music Class.

Students in one-on-one classes receive more in-depth feedback. One-on-one lessons constantly emphasize on personal common mistakes making it easier to correct them. private One-on-one lessons will allow students to work at their own pace.

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