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Roy Elite

RoyElite Online Courses | Beginner to Advance | +91 98884 82222

If music is a life form then educating music is its heart

The musical journey

Jagajeeva Roy is the esteemed founder & director of RoyElite School of Music. He discovered his passion for music at a very young age. At the beginning of the year 2002, he got hooked to sticks of the Drums and the prospect of drums fascinates him even now.

Though he was on the path towards success in the music field he wanted to accomplish more. He wanted to impart his knowledge to budding music enthusiasts. That is when he invested his heart and soul into creating RoyElite in 2014. He is constantly working towards building a comfortable space for children, teens, and adults to explore their creative potential in music. The introduction of online classes at RoyElite is an initiative that showcases his desire to nurture talent wherever it may be. He redefines the traditional norms of music training and takes a new and improved route to build individualistic musicians.

Music at RoyElite will surely be a fun-filled & empowering experience. Our founder, SunilRoy will make your musical dreams into reality! Seeking to satisfy a strong urge to explore the drum set, His Skill Set carries a total of 18+ years of Professional Drumming experience and 8 years of professional teaching experience. That didn’t stop him from taking proper musical training, he’s an 8th-grade holder in Drums with a 98marks Distinction and most impressive comments from Examiner.

Sunil Roy

SunilRoy certified from The Trinity College of Music London and have been teaching students as per the Trinity Regular and Rock & Pop, London College of Music (LCM), and The Associated Board of Royal School of Music (ABRSM). He is a full-time teacher and a session Musician. SunilRoy also plays and teaches a wide range of Latin Percussions Octa Pads and Cajon. All the Lessons and modules are prepared by SunilRoy. It has been grabbed from the drums lesson and made his own well-written notations it can understand by anyone so easy from the beginner to the Advanced.

SunilRoy has converted lessons for his students to play well. His dedication to words in this course will be greatly appreciated. Course held by SunilRoy itself. Starting with all the beats including park and Qawwali and tabla variations and so on. SunilRoy has designed his own popular tones with creative backup to use for the production of the best beats. He teaches site reading and notations and all the techniques that can play He has started personalized Drums classes online which can be given as per best availability of the preferred slots of students through RoyElite.


Sandyroy is a seasoned Hospitality Finance professional and has contributed 8years working for 5star international hotel Atlantis the palm Dubai, Her experience includes working as a Administration Professional across various functions and geographies. She successfully established herself as a leader and drove sales and business development for several workplaces by setting up wealth management business.

After her long stint in the hospitality industry she was driven to live her passion of setting out to be an entrepreneur. 
With all her international experience, the devoid of organised music education led to the foundation of RoyElite School of Music in 2018.

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