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Tabla is the most famous percussion instrument of North Indian classical music, Tabla, a set of two drums, called bayan (left) and dayan (right) as per the hand they are most commonly played with. The head of each drum has a central area of “tuning paste” called the Syahi. Syahi is common in many drums of Indian origin. This method allows these drums to produce harmonic overtones and is responsible for their unique sound. The drums consist of a layer of goatskin stretched over a metal or clay vessel. The left and right vessels are shaped differently, with the right being narrow and more cylindrical, It is made from a conical piece of mostly teak and rosewood hollowed out to approximately half of its total depth.

The daya tabla is played by the musician’s right hand (dominant hand), and is about 15 centimetres (~6 in) in diameter and 25 centimetres (~10 in) high. It is commonly used as an accompaniment for khayal and thumri music. There are many styles of playing the table. They are called gharanas, The tabla is also an important instrument in the bhakti devotional traditions of Hinduism and Sikhism , such as during bhajan and kirtan singing. The evidence of the hand-held puskara is founded in many temple carvings, such as at the 6th and 7th century Muktesvara and Bhuvaneswara temples in India. is the modern caretaker of an ancient rhythmic tradition that is perhaps 5000 years old in a part of the world that is considered a birthplace of civilization. The first mention of ragas (melody) and talas (rhythm) are in the Vedas and these ancient eternal qualities are still used in modern classical music.

Tabla has enjoyed unprecedented popularity worldwide over the last thirty years. Many people in the West got their first introduction to Indian classical music from Ravi Shankar, who toured Europe and the United States with the great tabla maestro, Alla Rakha. They performed together at the Monterey Pop Festival as well as at Woodstock in the 1960s, and a fascination began Alla Rakha’s son, the great Zakir Hussain, has done even more work popularizing the instrument by taking it out of the Indian classical world and collaborating with jazz, rock, and other world music artists. His work with jazz fusion guitarist John McLaughlin is legendary, as is the groundbreaking Planet Drum project with Mickey Hart of the Grateful Dead.

Benefits of learning Tabla are as follows:

  • Grow academically; it improves ability to concentrate and complement their studies & physical fitness.
  • As per the scientific research, Increases brain development in multiple regions, including the corpus callosum, motor as well as auditory cortexes.
  • An optimal experience and encourages participants of all ages to achieve flow.
  • Tabla is a healing art and therefore it can give participants of any age a better sense of wellbeing.
  • Playing Tabla increases body awareness & kinesthetic development; it helps students develop graceful coordination and self-control.
  • Playing Tabla helps improve synchronism in Body, Mind as well as the other senses
  • Improves listening skills and also increases children as well as teens’ ability to focus for extended periods of time.
  • As the increasing of rhythmic musical instrument further increases confidence as well as beauty in nature and their surroundings.

It is indeed an experience worth trying, so get your course on RoyElite.

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