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Siva Ganesh

Siva Ganesh

Has evolved a revolutionary new style of performing and playing the ancient musical instrument Bamboo flute.

He has captivating depth of creativity and a wonderful stage presence and performance with the flute that has enthralled music lovers all over. I am a professional musician/teacher with over 14 years of experience teaching private lessons to students of all ages and abilities. I have a Diploma degree in music from the University of Osmania have two additional graduate degrees in music, and have studied with some of the most renowned flutist in my field,


I frequently perform as a musician of flute, Violin, Keyboard and guitar for various private parties and events as well as a classical musician with various orchestras, as a soloist and in chamber ensembles. I teach and volunteer with my church’s Youth Religious program I am available to teach flute, Violin, Keyboard and guitar students of every level and age. I have the experience teaching complete beginners as well as very high level musicians.


Playing the flute has given me so much joy, and it is my dream to pass that joy along to others. Whether you’re just starting out, picking the flute up after a long time away, or looking to hone your skills, I can help you reach your flute goals! In all my lessons, beginner to advanced, students learn how to make beautiful music, sight read, understand basic music theory, and practice safely. We work out of the Rubank method book, but I also utilize handwritten exercises and songs. I also always encourage my students to bring music they want to learn. I’ve covered everything from classical and jazz music to pop songs and show tunes! Absolute Beginners: In our very first lesson, students learn the parts of the flute and how to make a sound. We learn about flute care, and how to correctly hold the flute. Basic music theory is introduced at this level, once the student can consistently make a sound with the headjoint. Securing the basics at this level is very important, but with games and simple songs, we make it fun 🙂


Beginners: Fluent note-reading is my focus at this level. Music is a language, and it takes time for students to feel comfortable reading it! My students begin learning how to sight read at this level, and learn all of the basic scales (C, G, D, F, Bb, and Eb). Normally, I start playing duets with my students at this level as well, and will continue to do so once in-person lessons become safe again.


Intermediate: Musicality and greater understanding of basic music theory is my goal at this level! Students learn how to shape musical lines using dynamics and articulation. We cover techniques like trills and mordents, and can begin to dive into flute repertoire, or songs they really enjoy and want to play! I send my online students audio of me playing one line of a duet at this level, so they can practice playing along. Playing with a piano (recording or in person) is also encouraged at this level! By the end of this level, students will have a firm grasp on most common flute techniques, as well as all of the major scales.

Advanced: Individuality is my goal at this level. As advanced players, my students begin to think about the sounds and interpretations they want to achieve. We look into different ways of thinking about interpretation, and how to execute those goals. We delve into more complicated music theory terms to better understand the music, and begin looking at minor scales. More advanced techniques may be covered, depending on the repertoire.


John is a man of many talents. Whilst moonlighting as a pianist, he is also music violin player and rhythm player and Flute player John weaves magic with his compositions allowing one to feel an array of emotions with each song.

Very early in his career, he joined in his band, and even worked with so many schools.

presented his unique style of blending Music and modern electronic soundscapes.

Siva Ganesh


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