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Roy Elite

RoyElite Online Courses | Beginner to Advance | +91 98884 82222


Anyone Can Learn To Play Any Instrument With My Method!


My name is Sampath Kumar I’ve had the pleasure of performing, and recording since I was seven years old. It all started out in a city called Hyderabad. I remember loving music as early as I could walk and talk. I started taking Tabla lessons when I was seven years old. Throughout my high school years, I spent hours playing with teachers, fellow students, and parties. Received certificate in Tabla course from PS University While going to College in Hyderabad the music teacher there took notice of me, pulled me aside, and told me about a great music school I should attend. He sent away the application and helped me fill it out. The next thing I knew I was attending Trinity School of Music Where I did my drums grades along with Music I had PHD in social work.


The initial few years of Tabla is focused on proper hand/finger placement and technique. Starting with few simple letters and building them into phrases, sentences, and full compositions. I try to exposure students to the language of the music. Therefore, I give students a general framework and ask them to compose themselves. As I guide them through the process, this exercise empowers students to create on their own and strengthen their logical thinking process. Once students are able to produce desired sounds and play certain compositions in a Tabla solo repertoire, I introduce accompaniment material which can practically be applied when performing with singers, instrumentalists, and dancers.

Along the way, I share historical information on the art as well as recommend resources such as books, recordings, and websites for a well-rounded learning experience.

My overall approach to music is very holistic in nature. I consider it as an artistic science and a scientific art.

Experience As accompanist from 15 years and 6 years of teaching experience. I can explain Basics of Tabla and lite Music in very short time and can help student in improvising. I am comfortable teaching private lessons one on one as well group classes in online and home tutors


Music is a lifelong journey, where we’re always learning. I enjoy teaching as a way to help people along this journey. Ultimately, teaching others makes me a better student, which is what I always consider myself first and foremost.



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