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Roy Elite

RoyElite Online Courses | Beginner to Advance | +91 98884 82222


I always ask my students what their favorite piano players are and what their goals are. The school has goals for them, too, but almost everyone has some personal goals. Use the visualization of what’s inside you and let that bloom. That provides everything. When you play the music, you’re playing the life you live. When you’re living, just emphasize all the things you really want to be or enjoy being. Life expands every day. If you let it, music does the same thing. My teaching depends on student’s level (Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced) and purpose of learning. I teach the theory involved in construction of Scales and Chords of Piano. If you understand this most of the music lessons will be very easy, just you have to apply formulas to proceed further. Music is very tricky and it’s dead easy like mathematics. If you understand the (A+B)2 formula then you can solve all such problems associated with that formula. In the same way if you understand the theory involved in the construction of Scales & Chords then you can simply replace the the notes in that formula. but unfortunately most of the tutors and institutions will not reveal those formulas in order to increase their businesses. My aim is not only teaching music but also making it as simple as possible. Till now 100+ students were trained and most of them are performing on stage in their churches and schools. If you are not satisfied with my teaching methods

I studied Engineering and music simultaneously.

After college I worked in a company for a year. It had rotational shifts and I got a night shift again after doing a couple of times already. I was desperate to quit as I felt directionless and purposeless. And I just quit it. Now I’m a full time music educator teaching since three years, arrange and record music videos of various different styles. I recently composed music for a short film and currently working on different projects.

“I love all musical settings equally whether it is solo, trio, quartet, etc. If I play too much of one combination, I start wanting to do another. I like the intricacy and intimacy of a small group more than a big band because there is more room for spontaneous creativity. Right now, that’s my preference, but who knows? It might change.”

“What’s fun about teaching at RoyElite is that the curriculum is very organized and there is a new wave of students coming through who are at a high level in at least one area of their playing. You just have to fill in a little of this and that. I feel really open as a teacher. Some students know certain things, but they don’t know how they know them.



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