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Roy Elite

RoyElite Online Courses | Beginner to Advance | +91 98884 82222


He has captivating depth of creativity and a wonderful stage presence and performance with the violin that has enthralled music lovers all over and have studied with some of the most renowned violinist in my field, has been heard in recital in major cities throughout India.


He is born in Hyderabad,is the student of the most He is practicing violin since 15 years. He has a taste for both Carnatic classical music and contemporary fusion music. He started his music career at the age of 9. He has also composed music for short movies and has played live music for various theatre groups. His interests include playing Carnatic classical music, Carnatic fusion, symphony and violin covers.



* Around 20 years of experience in Carnatic music (Both Violin and Vocals)

* 9 Years of Teaching experience

* Also runs a Youtube channel “CarnaTech”.

* Composed music for various short Films and Theatre groups.

* Interested and Experienced in playing Violin Symphonies, Contemporary Music, Fusion Music and composing melodies.



* Imbibing a strong fundamentals through unique basic lessons.

* Unusual Learning through Fun lessons rather that boring sessions.

* A novel combination of Carnatic and Contemporary violin styles.

* The course is split into Basic, Basic Intermediate and Basic Advanced Structure.



My teaching comprises of unique finger flexibility exercises and slides at the intermediate level. A unique portion called Sadhakas are taught.

I try different combinations of patterns in all the basic lessons followed in the traditional music system.

Also, in the later stages of learning ,my teaching is based on instrumental style and the way to adopt the gamakas (slides) to vocal style (gayaki).

My focus is purely on strengthening the basics in order to ensure good foundation for all students.

My training also comprises various self-made exercises and techniques and approach

which even I practice everyday without fail.

Hence I can ensure a very happy music learning time to all students who are excited to learn.


John is a man of many talents. Whilst moonlighting as a pianist, he is also music violin player and rhythm player and Flute player John weaves magic with his compositions allowing one to feel an array of emotions with each song.

Very early in his career, he joined in his band, and even worked with so many schools.

presented his unique style of blending Music and modern electronic soundscapes. My teaching is individually designed to my students’ needs and aspirations, and to make them become their own best teacher.



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