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Roy Elite

RoyElite Online Courses | Beginner to Advance | +91 98884 82222


“I want my students to have such a great wealth of knowledge and abilities that they can do any gig that comes before them. Because the music business is as fickle as it is, we never know where our next call is coming from. The more diverse your playing abilities, the more chances you give yourself to get work.


Gowtham is without a doubt “among the most remarkable young pianists now before the public” Gowtham explores many facets of his career in the 2008 -20 season. His music is renowned for its innovation, mastery, and integrity. His discography includes more than 60 recordings, and performed in major concert halls, jazz clubs, and many places throughout Hyderabad.

“Early on in my career, I discovered that the power and magic of music from geographically diverse areas gave me a new understanding of the world. I am exceedingly grateful for this discovery because it has been infinitely inspirational and a bountiful resource for the development of my music as both a performer and a composer. It is my goal to share my enthusiasm for and understanding of world music elements with my students.”

Gowtham is a pianist and teacher with particular sensitivity for and expertise in the song and collaborative piano repertoire. His innovative teaching approach, known as “the primacy of the ear,” emphasizes the listening process and long-term memory rather than sheet music. Well known in the music profession as an identifier and nurturer of musical talent, Gowtham students have won major competitions and prizes, and built recording and performing careers throughout the Telugu States. Along with his daily practice, He continue learning from teacher on a regular basis. He maintain independent study, which consists of listening, researching, and collaborating with other musicians. He has worked with many esteemed brands. He prepares students for the prestigious Trinity College of London (TCL), London College of Music (LCM), and The Associate Board of Royal School of Music (ABRSM).He is a full time teacher and a session Musician.


“It would be difficult to find a music institution anyplace in the world that exposes its students to a richer variety of techniques and styles on the piano, as well as in composition and improvisation, than RoyElite. With that foundation, I hope to help my students develop their own creative possibilities, to enable them to keep expanding their craft wherever they go after school.”




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