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Roy Elite

RoyElite Online Courses | Beginner to Advance | +91 98884 82222
Cancellation Policy

Orders once placed cannot be Cancelled. Below are the reasons acceptable for Cancellations. 

Cancellation is accepted under following circumstances only

1. We are unable to ship the product to the Buyers location.

2. We do not have the product in Stock / Having extreme delay in Shipping (Pre-orders do not fall in this Category)

3. The Buyer wishes to upgrade to a better product found on and is willing to pay the Difference in amount. 

4. Unpaid orders (Bank Transfer option) Can be cancelled by informing us through Mail / Call / WhatsApp along with your Order number.

5. In case the product is in stock and the Buyer still wants to cancel the product due to any circumstances before it leaves our facility, Cancelation and refund will be done after deducting the Payment gateway charges. 

6. In case the product as already left our facility, Cancellation will be done after deducting Payment Gateway Charges and Forward and Return Courier Cost. 

If the Buyer wishes to cancel the order for any other Reasons, the amount of purchase will be credited as reward points for Future purchases at 

This Reward points can be used to buy any product across the store. You can even make the purchase on behalf of someone. However the reward points are NON TRANSFERABLE.

The Reward points have a validity of 1 Year and can be combined with any other offers available at the time of Purchase. 


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