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Yamaha PSR-F52 Portable Keyboard with 61 Keys


The Yamaha PSR-F52 Portable Keyboard is the perfect keyboard for beginners. Whether you’re completely new to the keyboard or have some experience, the PSR-F52 has got you covered with functions to make learning fun. Featuring a huge range of instrument sounds, you can have fun playing the keyboard and explore new types of music. The accompaniment Style feature allows you to practice playing alongside a band.


A SOUND AND STYLE FOR MANY DIFFERENT GENRES OF MUSIC – The Yamaha PSR-F52 Portable Keyboard with 61 Keys is equipped with voices for the instruments that are essential to performing the distinctive music od many different genres and regions, as well a pianos, guitars and wind instruments. The auto-accompaniment function delivers the fun of playing with a virtual band, and features styles for standard genres as well as those that capture the essence of music beloved in many different countries. The PSR-F52 really the perfect MY FIRST YAMAHA.

The PSR-F52 is equipped with 136 beautiful instrument sounds (voices) from world-renowned pianos to organs, guitars, string instruments, wind instruments, synthesizers, and more which are essential for all kinds of music.

The PSR-F52 features a broad selection of musical instruments distinct to the music of nations of the world. Front gamelan songs for Indonesia to the pipa for China and the pungi for India.

Yamaha’s renowned auto-accompaniment feature (styles) provides backing bands with expert use of rhythms tailored to chord progression supplied by the player’s left hand. Choose from rock, jazz, Eurotrance and other genres – a world of music is at your fingertips.

The PSR-F52 is equipped with features to help beginners enjoy music. The song feature and the free downloadable song book are all fun to listen to as well as to play a long to. The smart chord function lets you enjoy the styles without memorizing complex chords.

Yamaha PSR-F52 Portable Keyboard with 61 Keys Key Features:

  • Suitable for beginners.
  • 61 full -size touch sensitive .
  • 136 sounds, 158 rhythms, 8 percussions.
  • 69 stored songs.
  • 280 level tempo control.
  • Built-in metronome.
  • Volume control.
  • With 32 note polyphony.
  • Auto accompaniment.
  • 2 speakers.
  • LCD display.
  • Speaker_headphone jack.
  • Accessories included music holder, song book, .
  • Online lessons.

Yamaha PSR-F52 Portable Keyboard with 61 Keys General information:

  • Includes mains adaptor.
  • Can be battery powered.
  • Batteries required 6 x AA .
  • W92, .
  • Weight 2.8kg.
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