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Due to High Demand and Low Production of Music Instruments, Customers are requested to Check Availability with us Before Ordering. We are available on Call / WhatsApp on 9888482222

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Tama DMP1255-MVM Soundworks Snare Drum 5.5″ x 12″- Matte Vintage Maple


On Special Orders only. Please Call/Whatsapp for Best Price and Availability.

Tama DMP1255-MVM Soundworks Snare Drum 5.5″ x 12″- Matte Vintage Maple Overview:

The 12″ TAMA DMP1255-MVM Soundworks Maple is no mere side snare.
This firecracker packs an explosive punch that sounds downright massive under close mics. Cranked up, the Soundworks Maple has the power to cut through the largest ensembles. And downturned, its pocket is engineered to sit perfectly in a pop mix. What’s special about the TAMA Soundworks Maple snare is that its voice remains dry at any tuning range. This is thanks to carefully selected 5mm maple shells.
Precise rounded-outer bearing edges, an included Evans G1 batter head, and a set of TAMA Sound Arc hoops make it fast and easy to dial in a wide range of workable tones right out of the box.


Maple Shell

Soundworks Maple drums are constructed with six carefully selected plies of 100% Maple, for a 5mm thin shell. Each shell is carefully molded and bearing edges are cut with extreme precision. Soundworks Maple offers a beautifully resonant, warm, and open tone suitable for any style of music.

 Tama DMP1255-MVM Soundworks Snare Drum Specifications:

  • Model: DMP1255
  • Size: 5.5″×12″
  • Shell Material: 5mm, 6ply Maple
  • Hoops: Sound Arc Hoop (6 hole)
  • Lugs: MSL60S
  • Strainer/Butt: MCS70A/MCS70B
  • Snare Wire: MS20R12S
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