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Lewitt Interviewer Omnidirectional Dynamic Microphone



The Lewitt Interviewer Omnidirectional Dynamic Microphone is a sturdy microphone with a rubber-mount capsule in combination with a coating technology to reduce handling noise to a minimum. It can be used to capture audio for speech, interviews, ENG (electronic news gathering) applications, and more.

This microphone is designed with a comfortable grip and is purpose-built with a dust protection membrane. The Interviewer omnidirectional microphone is built rugged and has a resilient housing that is a great companion, even under the toughest conditions.

Lewitt Interviewer Omnidirectional Dynamic Microphone Features:

  • Rubber suspensions provide dampening of unwanted structure-borne noise caused by hand movement and decouple the capsule from the case.
  • Coating materials reduce handling noise while providing a safe and comfortable grip.
  • Sturdy and resilient casing.
  • Dust-protection membrane is rugged and resilient.
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