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Due to High Demand and Low Production of Music Instruments, Customers are requested to Check Availability with us Before Ordering. We are available on Call / WhatsApp on 9888482222

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Blue Microphones enCORE 200 Cardioid Active Dynamic Vocal Microphone


Blue built the enCORE 200 active dynamic microphone to give you studio-quality sound onstage! The enCORE 200 is a dynamic mic that uses phantom power for clean, consistent sound and low noise. This mic gives you outstanding frequency response for clear, detailed vocals onstage, and it’s built to handle the rigors of the road. The proprietary capsule is tuned for vocals, so you know you’re getting a mic that’s made for the job. Its cardioid pickup pattern rejects feedback and outside noise bleed extremely well. Take Blue’s proven studio-ready quality to the stage, with the enCORE 200!

  • Get Blue quality, in an affordable, innovative package

    Everything Blue Microphones has learned from years of building the world’s best studio recording microphones has gone into the enCORE 200, a studio-grade handheld dynamic microphone designed to deliver exceptional all-around performance, no matter what your application. The enCORE 200’s proprietary active dynamic capsule is specially tuned by Blue’s capsule engineers. At Sweetwater, we’ve found it to deliver natural vocals, balanced highs, and amazing detail and clarity, with an additional output transformer to provide remarkably high output levels.

    Perfect for stage, studio, and broadcast applications

    Coupled with Blue’s active dynamic phantom power circuit, the enCORE 200 is an incredibly versatile tool for live performance as well as studio and broadcasting applications, providing remarkably consistent tone and low noise in any setup. The unique, durable finish and high quality craftsmanship guarantee your enCORE mic will deliver over the long haul.

    Blue enCORE 200 Active Dynamic Handheld Microphone Features:

    • Proprietary active dynamic capsule tuned for natural vocals and amazing detail and clarity
    • Blue’s innovative active dynamic phantom power circuit for consistent tone and minimal noise
    • Cardioid polar pattern exhibits excellent off-axis rejection
    • High SPL handling provides more gain before feedback than most dynamic mics
    • Phantom power indicator light on barrel
    • Heavy-duty metal-plated finish withstands the rigors of stage use
    • Includes microphone clip, additional mic grill, and storage pouch
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