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Due to High Demand and Low Production of Music Instruments, Customers are requested to Check Availability with us Before Ordering. We are available on Call / WhatsApp on 9888482222

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Alesis Q88 MKII 88-Key USB/MIDI Keyboard Controller


On Special Orders only. Please Call/Whatsapp to check for availability before ordering.


The Q88 MKII from Alesis is an 88-key USB/MIDI keyboard controller featuring semi-weighted, velocity-sensitive keys, packaged in a compact and portable form. Suitable for both stage and studio use, the controller features assignable pitch and modulation wheels along with octave transpose buttons and a data slider.

The unit provides a USB-MIDI jack for easy connection to a Mac or Windows computer, along with iOS devices with the addition of Apple’s Camera Connection Kit (available separately). A traditional 5-pin MIDI jack is also present for connecting to external MIDI sound modules, synthesizers, and samplers. Additionally, MIDI commands can be sent from the Q88’s keys to change programs, patches, etc.

To allow for performing, recording, and sequencing music right out of the box, the controller ships with a premium software package including the Pro Tools | First Alesis Edition DAW, MPC Beats, the Melodics tutorial software, and more. The keyboard can either be USB bus powered or, for standalone use, powered from an external power supply (available separately).

Alesis Q88 MKII 88-Key USB/MIDI Keyboard Controller Features at a Glance

  • 88 full-size, velocity-sensitive, semi-weighted keys
  • Octave/Transpose buttons enable access of the full piano range
  • Pitch bend and modulation wheels for added expression
  • Transport and directional buttons to control your software
  • Assignable volume slider for quick control during performing and recording
  • 1/4-inch TS sustain pedal and 1/4-inch TRS expression pedal inputs
  • 5-pin MIDI output enables standalone operation with a power supply (available separately)
  • USB powered with plug-and-play connectivity for Mac or PC
  • Works with iOS devices via Apple Lightning to USB Camera Adapter (available separately)

Includes Premium Software Bundle

Pro Tools | First Alesis Edition

Pro Tools redefined the music, film, and TV industries and is trusted by more professionals than any other DAW for music creation, composition, audio postproduction, mixing, sound design, live recording, and more. With the Alesis exclusive special edition of Pro Tools | First, you can join the esteemed Pro Tools family and start creating with many of the same tools pros rely on daily.

MPC Beats

Whatever you set out to achieve, MPC Beats will get you started. Incorporating the finest parts of the legendary MPC workflow, MPC Beats features all the essential tools for pro production. Edit samples, mixdown your tracks, find any sound with the synth engines found on legendary MPCs, record audio, and much more. MPC Beats will host your AU/VST plug-ins, so as you expand your arsenal, know you’ll have complete compatibility with industry standard virtual studio technology.


Vacuum Classic is a monophonic vintage synthesizer featuring Vacuum Tube Synthesis with vacuum-tube circuit modeling that perfectly captures the crunchy, warm sound of the analog era. With analog oscillators, multiple filters and envelopes, and built-in audio effects, Vacuum lets you dive deep into subtractive synthesis to recreate those sought-after analog sounds from the ’70s and ’80s. Tweak the switches, knobs, and dials to program anything from basses, leads, pads or unique sound effects.


Boom features a slick modern interface that pays homage to the most popular vintage drum machines of the past. Boom has been used on many famous projects since its launch, ranging from hit albums, to feature films, to radio projects. More and more musicians and producers rely on the incredible sonic firepower of this amazing Drum Machine.


DB-33 Tonewheel Organ is a virtual organ that recreates the sounds and controllability of classic tonewheel organs such as the Hammond B3, and the rotary speaker cabinets they are often played through. It includes 122 preset sounds plus an extra-realistic convolution rotary cabinet and tube overdrive emulation. The rotary speaker cabinet can also be used as an effect in its own right on any audio track.


AIR Music’s Xpand!2 is a multitimbral workstation offering four active sound slots, or parts, per patch. Each part is provided with its own MIDI channel, Note Range (Zone), Mix, Arpeggiation, Modulation, and Effects settings—an excellent method for creating individual parts. Harnessing the four parts together to build one amazing Patch is where Xpand!2 reveals its true power. Using everything from wavetables and FM synthesis to sample playback, the expert sound design team at Air Music Tech has carefully created thousands of ready-to-play Xpand!2 patches.


Melodics is a desktop app that teaches you to play and perform with MIDI keyboards, pad controllers, and drums. Whether you’re just starting out or are a seasoned pro looking to learn advanced techniques, Melodics grows with you. Register your Alesis Q88 MKII for instant access to 60 free lessons.
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